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I was arrested in 2010 for possession of a weapon in a domestic dispute.

Jamaica, NY |

I was held for 6 hours, then saw a judge who released me, no bail was requested. It was my first time offense. I appeared in court 2 months after for the hearing which was dismissed with a fine to the court. Would this be on my record? This was in NYC.

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Doesn't sound like there would be a record. Dismissal's are sealed.

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If you paid a fine there was some kind of
guilty plea. If the plea was to a crime and youthful offender status was not granted, you probably have a record. You can go to the Clerk's office in the jurisdiction where the case was prosecuted for further information.

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There is a record in the court and if you were fingerprinted that record will reach the state police and the FBI. You should have an attorney research this for you.


If the case was actually dismissed then there would be no criminal record. However, if you paid a fine, then the case was not "dismissed." If the charges were reduced to a non-criminal violation, the case should be sealed and not be accessible to the public. If you pled guilty to a misdemeanor, then you would have a criminal record and it would show up in a criminal history check that anyone could do. The only way to know for sure is to order a copy of your rap sheet from Albany, which you can do yourself, or hire an attorney who can look into the matter for you.

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