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I was arrested for shoplifting. Can my fine be reduced?

Edmond, OK |

This was my first offense. I stole roughly $40 of knock-knacks from a supermarket. I am under the age of 18, and understand that what I did was wrong, and why it was wrong. I'll be expecting a hefty fine and community service hours along with the possibility of probation(though that shouldn't be a problem as I don't do drugs, stay put past curfew, etc). Is there any way the fine will be reduced? I work my tail off, but it is difficult to make substantial amounts of money as I only earn minimum wage.

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It will depend on the jurisdiction ( court) that you are in. If you are in the juvenile courts which you should be, most require more community service and less fines as they figured it is the parents that end up paying the fine versus the juvenile doing the community service.

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