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I was arrested for posession of Xanax that were in my friends car. SInce this is a felony is Jail time served mandatory?

Snellville, GA |

The drugs in the car were the girls that were driving. However, she told the police that they were "some guys" who got out of the car earlier. Since she did not fess up to the drugs, I was arrested as well. I am wondering what I can do to get these charges dropped.

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You should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. From your description, it appears that the prosecutor may have a difficult time proving that the drugs belonged to you. I would strongly advise to NOT speak to the police without your attorney present.

Juan Garcia Jr.
Attorney At Law


This is a serious charge. Regardless of whether jail is mandatory, this will have life-long consequences if you're convicted. This can affect your driver's license. What you can do to get these charges dropped is to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The DA is not likely to talk to you directly, which is another reason why you need your own attorney.


My colleagues are correct that this is a serious charge and that the DA is unlikely to speak with you without your attorney. Get your attorney working for you as soon as possible. The faster your attorney can get involved, the better the outcome will be for you. Let me know if I can help.
Good Luck!


Pay close attention to Ms. Towne's really good advice. She is truely on top of these type cases.