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I was arrested for owi during a hypoglycemic seizure, how can i prove this? Get the video was at police station?

Ottumwa, IA |

I was in shock, barely remember what happened told the officer I was having a seizure, remember asking for a lawyer, a doctor, and also refused the test because of info below. I was on my way to hospital, when I got pulled over taken to jail and arrested.

A low carbohydrate, high protein diet or conditions such as diabetes or hypoglycemia can trick a DUI breath test and result in a false BAC

•Self imposed conditions such as Atkins style diets and medical conditions such as diabetes and hypoglycemia are actually capable of self producing isopropyl alcohol. This is because bodies that are deprived of carbohydrates turn to stored fat for energy.This process produces ketones. Ketones, when eliminated from the body through breath and urine, convert into isopropyl alcohol

Filed a form 432034 Appeal and submitted documents,statement to D.O.T. and they suspended my license indefinitely pending medical review every 5 months for having a seizure wile driving.

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Proof of your medical condition may be relevant to defend against the charge that you were "under the influence of alcohol" at the time of the traffic stop. You refused testing, so the state will not have a breath test to introduce at the time of trial. If you can establish hypoglycemia, then you can use that to rebut the allegation that the officer's observations of "impairment" are a result of alcohol intoxication.



Went to Doctor to let them know I had an episode and they sent me to the Emergency Room, BP 210/120 think I had a heart attack or was about to again, put me on HCTZ want to know if I blacked out, can I ask the police? At the station I told the officer I was in shock, and he asked someone what to do, I couldn't understand the reply, thought maybe I was in shock but he didn't do anything to help, he offered sugar but heard someone tell him not to give me anything. I asked for a lawyer, needed legal advice and he started laughing and told another officer who reply I could not understand, I asked if I was under arrest and he asked someone if they read me my rights, and then he asked me if I knew my rights and if he needed to read them to me.


I don't see this as a civil rights question. The fact that the police mistook your symptoms as being intoxicate seems entirely reasonable and probably established probable cause to arrest you. This is a criminal law question. You can prove your defense by hiring a seasoned criminal defense attorney who can gather the evidence and possibly expert testimony to demonstrate your defense and successfully argue it to a jury. Your attorney will obtain things like videos that the police have of the incident and police reports through discovery.


First things first. Hire an attorney to beat the criminal charge. Then, move on.


The contents of your post do not raise any civil rights issues. I'm going to edit the practice area of your post to "Criminal Defense," so that it can be viewed by attorneys who practice in that area.

Ms. Berjis is licensed to practice law in the State of California. The laws of your jurisdiction may differ and thus this answer is for informational and educational purposes only and is not to be considered as legal advice. Since all facts are not addressed in the question, this answer could change depending on other significant and important facts. This answer in no way constitutes an attorney-client relationship.


From the information provided, you were having a seizure and were driving yourself to the hospital. Regardless of the cause, it is the responsibility of a driver and his/her doctors to ensure that s/he is fit to drive. I gather that none of your doctors has explained to you the dangers of driving with your condition. It is ultimately your responsibility to recognize when you are unfit to drive, and according to the facts that you provided, you were clearly impaired. Not being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs does not give you a free pass. If you have had such a seizure in the recent past, you may very well be convicted of OWI, depending on the laws of Iowa. Having had one seizure of the kind you describe is the trigger to alert you to the fact that you have a problem. You absolutely should hire an attorney immediately if you have not already done so.

My advice should in no way be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship.


Your criminal lawyer can be informed of your hypoglycemia defense.