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I was arrested for false statement and false police report because i wouldn't change my statement is that legal?

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i was arrested for false statement and false police report because i wouldn't change my statement is that legal? okay all this started cause my car was stolen out of my yard i called the police the moment i realized the car was gone and reported it stolen well they recovered it a mile down the road flipped over and they found blood in it and they said they were going to test the blood they never did well about two months later an investagator started calling me and coming to my home wanting me to come in and change my statment i refused he threated to have me arrested but i know i didnt have to go in and change my statement because the one i gave was true. well he had me arrested for false statement and false police report saying i was lying to him and i wasn't what do i do is that legal

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Obviously, the police not only think you made a false report, but they think they can meet their burden of proving it beyond a reasonable doubt. You need to get a good criminal defense attorney involved right away. First, he will be able to request discovery in your case (i.e., the police reports) to help you figure out why the police think you lied. Second, if there is proof you were less than truthful and you filed an insurance claim, the filing a false report charges may only be the beginning of your legal problems. You may also be on the hook for making a fraudulent claim, which can lead to additional charges and a civil suit against you to recover any payments made.

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Making a false statement to a police officer is a crime. You need a local Douglasville Attorney. Call me at 678-383-1690 or visit my website at If for whatever reason I can't help you, I'll point you in the direction of someone who can.

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