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I was arrested for DUI while driving school bus charged with 15 felonies how do I get off record as I was falsely arrested?

Pittsburgh, PA |

Not drinking (yes, this is for real 3 breathalyzers all ZERO) no illegal drugs in system per discovery results. I had a cold and two moron chaperones thought I was drunk. Big arrest all over news stations and they were astonished when my breathalyzers were zero. The charges held for trial because judge said he didn’t know if my NON narcotic medically prescribed Zoloft made me fail sobriety test which I believe is because the cop believed the chaperone and had it in his mind I was drunk. I don’t care how much training they have, that’s exactly what happened. The public defender never had blood results to dispute-was given a few minutes before preliminary began, got to trial all charges dismissed because of Nolle Prossed no evidence. Want off my record.

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Since the charges were dismissed, you would qualify for an expungement. You would file a petition for expungement with the court of common pleas of your county.

Justin C Gearty Jr

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Sorry this happened to you but congratulations on the Nolle Pross. In order to get the charges off your record you need to file a petition for expungment and then follow up with proper notification of the appropriate criminal justice agencies. This is difficult to do without an attorney and the PD usually does not do expungments. Your best bet would be to save up some money and hire a private attorney to assist you with the expungment.