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I was arrested for dui marijuana and my blood test came back negative. Can I go after the cop?

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A couple months ago I left my parents home (8 other people there) without drinking a sip of alcohol or doing any illegal drugs. I was pulled over by a sheriff for having a headlight out, he checked me out and let me go. Two blocks later I was pulled over by a city cop who said my eyes looked bloodshot, made me get out of the car to do a sobriety test. He said my tongue had a yellow coating over it and my right eye didn't cross when the pin touched my nose. He arrested me for driving under the influence of marijuana, despite 3 officers and a k9 dog not finding anything in my car, and not seeing me swerve.The blood test they took came back negative, as did my independent drug test. In his report he said I was slurring my words, and needed help back to his car after he cuffed me. Please help

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A false arrest is a violation of your civil rights. Contact an attorney ASAP to make sure your rights to sue do not lapse because of the notice of claims filing statute.


It will be hard to sue and win, but there is theoretically a suite there contact a lawyer if you want to try, David who answered before is a good one.


The officer will argue that his (very poorly done) field sobriety test gave him probable cause. I think his basis was junk science, but hard to tell if it will stand up. There are time limits on filing actions, as you were advised by my colleagues, so you can see an attorney.

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