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I was arrested for DUI in 2011. I wasn't treated with respect while in police custody. I refused the chemical test.

Ogden, UT |

A warrant was served on me. I asked to speak to an attorney and several officers attacked me and threw me on the concrete ground. I was denied my request for an attorney and kept in a small cell for several hours being laughed at by a woman officer. I was also denied food and/or drink and wasn't allowed to use the restroom for hours. I also was never read my Miranda rights. I retained an attorney, told him everything ~ Justice was not served. My life is ruined. I need help. This is only the "tip of the iceberg"

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So far I am not hearing any facts to suggest a defense to DUI charges.


You did not say you were being questioned while being held therefore the police do not need to read you your Miranda rights, nor do they have to treat you with "respect". It sounds like you were drunk and belligerent. If you are looking to sue someone, (you didn't write anything about needing a defense attorney), I don't think you have a case.


What is your question and why are you not directing it to the attorney you paid to represent you?


Whether your Miranda rights were read to you only matters if you made incriminating statements that were used to support charges against you. The only possible remedy if that is the case is to exclude the incriminating statements you made. Unfortunately, there is no remedy for a police officer laughing at you or refusing to allow you to use the restroom. If the attorney you retained didn't see anything more than what you've included here, it is not likely that you have any claim to pursue.

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