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I was arrested for a Domestic Violence over ten years ago does it show up on my record if a job is requesting finger prints.

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Were you convicted?
Do not know that fingerprints necessarily change the equation except that usually means a govermental employer [my experience]. No conviction should mean no court record. Conviction will , as I undersatnd the law, have an effect on your ability to obtain citizenship.

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If you were arrested then there is a record of that. Arrest records are not public, but the government has access to them and will know about your arrest if you're seeking government employment, certification, or licensing. Normally, when a job requests fingerprints it's because it government affiliated or requires a government granted certification or licensing. You may want to speak with a defense attorney about what can be done, if anything, to clean up your record.

Incidents of domestic violence may also have adverse immigration consequences. You'll want to speak with an immigration attorney about your circumstances to see how the arrest may affect you.


An arrest will not affect your citizenship, but a conviction will. An arrest will turn up in a background check that involves your fingerprints, but only certain government jobs or jobs that require licensing can legally consider arrests that don't result in conviction. Good luck.


It should not show up unless you are applying for a government or government contract job. It should not effect your citizenship request either.

The above information does not establish an attorney client relationship nor is it meant to provide legal advice.

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