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I was arrested and cited for DUI...but was given no test..not breath or blood..not even field test.Is that legal?

Alhambra, CA |
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Without any chemical tests, field sobriety tests or other proof of intoxication, good luck for the prosecution to try and prove this.

Are you 100% sure that you were cited for DUI (23152 of the Vehicle Code) or something else?

If they did in fact charge you with DUI, you only have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV to challenge the suspension of your license. Again - without any chemical test, how in the world can they prove this?

With any criminal case, but especially in your situation where something just isn't right, you need to consult face to face with a criminal defense attorney to discuss the particulars.

Don't miss that window with the DMV.



Exactly what happen to me,but there was no refusal of any test.i didnt give them any kind of test,this happen 2005, and im still having to go to dui school to get my lincense back,and that program is $1000 I just dont see how they can do this with no proof of any kind,


Mr. Dane is correct in all aspects of his response. Be sure you follow up with the DMV as you time is limited to 10 days- although I do not know how they could suspend your diving privileges. Hire an attorney to deal with this for you. A DUI is serious- getting one thrown out is to your benefit in terms of insurance, driving rights, jobs, etc. Call if you have questions

Andrew Roberts


There is definitely something odd about this. My fear is that they wrote this up as a refusal DUI. The only reason I can think of that the police would not have conducted a blood or a breath test is due to a refusal to submit to one of those tests. If they are going to claim refusal you need an attorney. The good news for you is that they need to prove they went through the proper procedure and asked you certain questions to prove the refusal aspect.
Robert Driessen


If that is indeed what happened then you have a very defendable case. However this is very unusual. I think this needs more facts. If, for instance, you were involved in an accident and in the hospital, law enforcement can come take blood from you without FST's. Not sure if that is what happened here. Consult a lawyer in your county.

brian michaels