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I was arrested and charged with a DWI 7 months ago and my lawyer still has no BAC results. What's up with that?

Arlington, TX |
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Is it a blood case? If so, that's not unusual. Waiting for the lab results also causes a delay in the ALR hearing. If it's a breath test, he just needs request the breath-test slip from the DA. Your attorney should be able to explain all of this to you.

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As Ms Jaggers suggested, it is likely delay or other problem with the blood test results. If involving breath test, you need to talk with your lawyer about him getting the complete file from the DA


As the other attorneys mentioned, the length of the delay is not unusual for blood tests. A delay is also not always a bad thing for the defense, as the burden is always on the state to prove the allegations. This burden may become more difficult for the state as more time passes. The person best suited to answer this question is your attorney, and I suggest you ask them.