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I was arrested /charged for lacency in New York 2000. I ageed to plead but did not turn up for court and left for France.

San Francisco, CA |

I now have an interview in California and want to return. Will I be arrested in California when I go thru the airport. What can or should I do.

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You could be arrested when you enter the country. The best thing to do is hire a lawyer in New York and see if they can get the case put back on calendar and have the warrant re-called. Then you could enter the country without getting arrested. You will still have to go back to New York and deal with your prior case as well as the consequences of fleeing.

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You need to ask a NY attorney about what they can do about your case. As far as flying into California, it is likely that customs will take you into custody for an open warrant.


The warrant "lives" its long life in New York, and will remain as long as you remain a fugitive from justice. As my colleagues advise, an attorney in New York can try to get the case back on track. Depending on the severity, you could be arrested in California and begin a long ride in a gray van back to New York. Get this matter resolved.

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You have a warrant in NY and need an attorney there to clear this. Potentially you could get arrested when you land in CA. It will be up to NY to decide if they want to come and get you. Take care of this.