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I was approved for social security disability and wanted to know if they ever reevaluate your medical condition down the road?

Palm Springs, CA |

do they reevaluate you and or cut your benefits and if they do how often do they send you to their doctor to determine if you are still disabled

I was diagnosed with several incurable disorders so I doubt they will do this but I was just wondering if it happens

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Mr Curtis is correct, the review process is behind and does not usually occur within the intended time frame. However, in case your benefits do come up for review, you should consistently continue to receive medical treatment for your impairments. If you discontinue receiving treatment, or if you go on for too long without seeing a doctor, Social Security may assume that there has been an improvement in your condition. More importantly, you should continue treatment for the sake of your health.


Yes. SSA is required to perform periodic reviews. They usually occur every three to five years but they are a little behind right now so the time frame is a little longer.

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My colleagues are correct. However, SSA just announced they are stepping up the continuing disability rview (CDR) process and some states, like Michigan amongst others, have already noticed a significant increase in CDR cases. keep up to date with your medical care. I suspect as the mid term elections draw closed, CDRs will be funded and will be more common.

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The SSA will do what is called continuing disability reviews (CDR's) anywhere from 1-7 years after the initial determination to see if you are still eligible to receive disability benefits. Your medical conditions may or may not improve over time. Obviously it is important to keep treating for your medical conditions after you have been approved for disability benefits to maintain your health and to document your continuing disability.

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