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I was approached by a police officer who then searched me found a verry snall amount of marijuana and he then searcjed the car

Fort Worth, TX |

he found a pipe and my celluar phone he asked me for my password and i told him i beilived that was illegal and i wouldnt tell him so he said okay now it is mine and he seized it. is that legal?

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Hire a criminal attorney IMMEDIATELY and discuss ALL the facts and circumstances, including the story about the cell phone and the car search.

You MAY have options that MAY impact the admissibility of the evidence against you.

Don't go online with your case facts again--bad idea inb a criminal case to discuss the issues in an open, public forum that the authorities could, if they chose to, use to ID the Asker.

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Mr. Rafter is absolutely correct. An officer can approach a person. What the officer can and cannot do depends on the nature of and basis for the encounter.

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Consult with an attorney.

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