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I was an independent contractor for two years and when I submitted my invoices. They refused to pay them.

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I was an athletic director and was played per sport. I also wrote grants. I was paid per grant I wrote and was supposed to get 20% of the incoming grant but have not been paid. I sued them and now i'm at the disclosure part and the paper asks for cases/presidences upon which you base your case. I only had an oral agreement; however my invoices were clear and had all the pertinent info and they've always paid them up until now! H.E.L.P!

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Specific advice is difficult to give on a site such as this. What paper are you referring to? Does the other party have an attorney who has sent you specific discovery requests? As an attorney before giving you advice we would want to review all the factual elements and review the evidence you have and any contradictory evidence the defendant may have. You should consider hiring an attorney or at least obtain a consult with an attorney to evaluate your case.

William Fife is an Attorney with Fife & Cesta, a compassionate firm conveniently located off the US 60 in Mesa, Arizona. The answers given here are based on the information in the question; for a complete answer you should have a consultation with an attorney you trust. Call now for a free bankruptcy consultation. We carefully evaluate your situation and give you real advice.


It sounds like your case is based on breach of contract. However, I agree with Attorney Fife. Disclosure statements are an important part of any case and you want to answer them correctly. If you are challenged by this document, you should consult with an attorney.

Please note that I am answering this question as a service through Avvo but not as your attorney and no attorney-client relationship is established by this posting. An attorney-client relationship can only be established through signing a Fee Agreement and paying the necessary advanced fees.

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