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I was adopted by a stepfather around 10. I want to undo that adoption.

Woburn, MA |

My biological father was on my original birth certificate and I want to have it back that way. I am in my late 40's and want to remove the stepfather from all things. Is this possible.?

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You can't undo the adoption. However, your biological father can adopt you again. This would "undo" the adoption. You should locate your biological father and ask him to adopt you again. If he is married, his spouse would also have to adopt you. Your adoptive father can't object. Please be aware that your Mother would also lose her parental rights.

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If you are interested in going forward, you will need to be adopted again by your biological father. There is no way that I am aware of to simply 'undo' an adoption. As with any adoption, your biological father's spouse will need to adopt you as well and both your adoptive parents' rights will be terminated in the process. Good luck!

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I am assuming that your mother agreed to the adoption by your stepfather. In order to undo this adoption your would need to contact your biological father and have him file the necessary paperwork to have you adopted as an adult. You would need to give your stepfather notice of the proceedings but as long as you are not doing this for an illegal purpose he cannot object. Best of luck to you.

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