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I was a witness to race discrimination. Is this considered whistle blowing if I report this to the EEOC? What rights do I have?

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Three individuals were selected to interview for the positon of my superior. One of these individuals did not meet the minimum qualifications of the position. The other two candidates did, they were both African American. Only the candidate that did not meet the minimum qualifications was allowed to appear before the interview committee. The two African American individuals were not allowed to proceed in the interviewing process, both described as, "not being a good fit." The committee didn't know what the minimum qualifications were. As asked, I cited factually this individual did not meet the minimum qualifications. I have been facing severe threats of consequences if I did not support the individal selected. Lack of support on my part has never been made by me.

Please help......

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I would add that for Title VII protection you have to engage in a protected activity. Here, opposing what appears to be unlawful discrimination (you don't have to be able to prove that it WAS discrimination just that you opposed it and suffered retaliation) would be considered the protected activity. However, did you tell them you think they were acting in a discriminatory manner? Or did you just note the person wasn't qualified?

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Justin G. Randolph

Justin G. Randolph


Also, when did this take place?


If you believe you have faced retailiation for reporting employment discrimination in violation of Title VII, the retaliation also violates Title VII. You should sit down with an employment discrimination attorney to discuss your rights

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You should meet with an attorney immediately, if you being retaliated against. It doesn't sound as if you've "blown the whistle" yet, and you should be guided accordingly.

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You might want to go back through your post and ask yourself whether for EACH element or component of what you have reported here, do you have personal and complete knowledge? It is not uncommon in these situations for the purported whistle-blower to know less that s/he thinks s/he knows, or to be operating on the basis of second-hand (or further) information, or to be uninformed about current fine distinctions and decisions that alter the situation. Where that is the case, it can undermine the whistle-blower's platform of alleged protected activity and the loss of the premise can spill forward and cause there to be no (or lesser) legal protections applicable for the whistle-blower. So, consult with an attorney and run the detailed itemized check, for your own sake.

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