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I was a passanger in my boss mans truck when he hit a car stoped car on interstate

Andalusia, AL |

The accident happend about 6months ago and if i would of filed suit id lost my job. My back was hurting after wreck but just figured it was just soreness. Now its unbearble at times what should i do.. wreck happend in nc...

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I am licensed in Nevada, but this answer should apply in Alabama as well.

I'm assuming you were injured while in the course and scope of your employment if you were with your boss in his truck. You should have filed a claim against his workers compensation insurance by now - assuming he is covered. You should talk to an experienced workers compensation about whether or not your employer can fire you for filing a valid workers compensation claim. It may also be that your boss could be punished for either firing you, or threatening to fire you, for filing a claim against your employers liability an/or motor vehicle coverage.

You should certainly get treatment to help your body heal whether it be through workers comp, a personal injury lien or your health insurance. If you choose to pursue a personal injury claim, you should ask an attorney which jurisdiction (Alabama or North Carolina) the case would be heard in if it goes to Trial.

Hope this helps.

/s Donald Kudler

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Best bet is to retain a local attorney from Avvo and get compensation for your injuries.

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I agree with my colleagues. I would simply add that Workers’ Compensation benefits vary greatly from one state to another. You are certainly eligible to file a claim in either North Carolina or Alabama. Make sure that your attorney researches the difference in benefit levels so that you will know the most favorable forum in which to file the claim.

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You should have a claim under workers compensation. If not, check on personal coverage of the driver of the truck outside the company coverage.


If your injury occurred while you were working, then you very likely have a valid workers comp claim. Many states prohibit direct suits against employers by employees for work-place injuries. This is called immunity. By all means, contact a local workers compensation attorney for a free consultation on what you should do given your particular circumstances. While you may fear retaliation by your employer or supervisor if you file a workers compensation claim, most states prohibit any kind of retaliation by your employer. Bottomline, consult with a local workers comp attorney today.


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