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I was a graduate student at Argosy University Seattle. They let me go due to some cognitive issues. Do I have a case?

Seattle, WA |

I was getting close to graduation with two courses left and completing an internship. I had some problems at the site they placed me at and they refused to accommodate me due to my multiple sclerosis and a neuropsychological test I took with a doctor the school had referred me to. Instead of finding me another site where I could finish my hours, they stated that it was not possible. I believe this is an ADA issue, and would like some legal guidance.

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If you are a person with a "qualified disability" under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, you have a right to reasonable accommodations within the academic programs of your school. However, there are limits to what is considered reasonable and this is where you need a lawyer with significant disability civil rights experience, as well as Higher Education law experience. It may be possible to resolve this issue without actually filing a federal lawsuit, but that can only be determined by your lawyer after conducting an investigation of the specific facts of your case and initiating dialogue with the University to assert your rights to them directly. There should be at least a few lawyers on this site with these specific qualifications that also offer free consultation, myself included.

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