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I was 28 and She was 18, (two months away from turning 19) when we met. Is it illegal to talk and text eachother?

Victoria, TX |

She still lives with her parents. She graduates highschool in two months from now. She works at a nursing home. I recieved threats from the parents that I've been warned.

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No not illegal to text anyone who is an adult.

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Even if she is living with her parents, if she is over 18 she is an adult so there is nothing illegal about your having contact with her. Her parents may not like it, but its not unlawful...

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While it may not be illegal, it can still cause you problems if they accuse you of something. While you might beat the rap, you probably won't beat the ride. (Having to pay to post bond, get an attorney, fight to get the charges dismissed or tried to an acquittal.) Be prepared to have a lot of drama in that relationship. Good Luck.

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She's an adult. There's no crime here.