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I was 17 and got in a accident and my insurance wouldn't pay fir the other persons car so i now have a judgment against me

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I got in a accident September of 2011and got a the. mail saying that i had a suspended licence at the age of 17 due to a judgment, i then was told it was going to be reinstated and started to drive again then got.pulled over ran my licence and it said suspended so i asked for the.paper work saying that it has been served to me but all the agency did was call the state and theyes sent a letter saying that sane thing. just that it was suspende due to the judgment and i Di.t.know what to do

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If your parents are in the picture talk to them about helping you find an attorney. I understand that you may not be able to provide all of the facts here, but something seems not quite right. Why did your insurance not cover the damages?

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This is a situation in which you need to work with your parents to find an attorney to assist with your problem. It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible.


You need to consult with an experienced litigation attorney to review your circumstances and all paperwork you received related to the problem. When the Colorado Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicles, suspends a driver's license, there is no automatic reinstatement even though there is automatic eligibility to reinstate. You are required to take affirmative steps to reinstate your driving privilege and the department will tell you what is needed. Written notice to your last known address by the department is sufficient under the law to notify you of suspension revocation or denial of a driver's license.

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Have your parents find a local lawyer to find in why your insurance company didn't pay.

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