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I wanted to know what will happen when i go to court for carrying a legel concealed firearm its a mistermeaner not felony

Charlotte, NC |

and i was driving while license was revoke i have no crimal background just passing stoped school bus and anotha for going a 100 in 55 mile zone with no license and i dont suppose to be driving intil march 2014

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Attorney answers 3


If you are found guilty of the DWLR, that March 2014 date moves to March 2015 or later - depending on your driving record. That fact alone should be enough for you to want to talk to a lawyer about this.


I agree with Mr. Fay. The 100 in a 55 is a misdemeanor charge as opposed to a traffic offense, meaning potential jail time as well as the seriousness of passing a school bus...the law in NC has really cracked down on this as children have been killed in recent years by people passing stopped school busses. See an attorney ASAP.


As you can see, your weapon may be the least of your concerns. With these charges, I would be far more concerned that the court doesn't consider your "weapon" to be the car and your issue to be driving. Between the DWLR, the extreme speed and passing the school bus, the gun is the least of your worries. Get a lawyer now.