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I wanted to know if i would get lockup for charges of the in a motor v 2 prowling at night 3 , reviving stolen property ? ? ?

Philadelphia, PA |

me and a friend was going to Jenkins so he can see his girlfriend , coming back from his girlfriend house we stop for a break . ( we were riding bikes ) we parked our bikes beside someones bushes because there is no side walks there . my friend decides out of nowhere to open this car door and it was unlocked . when i saw that , i don't know what made me think to go try the other one but i did . in the car mi not gonna lie i took change about 80 cents to a dollar , and a pod cable . . . i don't know what my friend took but when we where leaving to get or bikes . . a cop approach us , and thats when it all went down . on the police report it say that change was missing about a pod cable and some other cable . . . . . . they said that we had about 40 dollars on us . .

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Attorney answers 3


You should not post any more information on this or any public website. You need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in handling this case. Depending on your prior record score and how the case is handled it is possible to avoid jail.

The information above, though authoratiative and based on years of education, training and experience is not intended as legal advice, nor does it create an attorney/client relationship between the responder and the poster of the question. As always, when you have a legal issue you should consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.


I agree with my collegue. Do not post incriminating information on a public site and retain a criminal defense attorney to represent you. If you cannot afford a lawyer then apply for a public defender. Good luck.


I agree with my two colleagues, but would add that when they say not to post anything about your case on public websites, that includes social media like twitter and facebook.