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I want to withdrawal my petition for custody as my wife and I have worked things out through family counseling.

Norwalk, CA |

What forms do I need to file to withdrawal my petition form Fl-300.
My case is in Norwalk Court and we have a Court custody date on in October.
I filed for default as she did not respond to the divorce papers. I just want to stop the custody hearing.
As for the default. I want to see how we are willing to save our marriage by continue counseling and actions towards one another before I stop the divorce process. Its only been 1 week that I filed for the default. I was told it will take a few months before I get a response back from the court pending I fill out all the documents correctly. Is that true? Also in my default I did ask for full physical custody with 50/50 legal custody.

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Tell the clerk in the assigned court that you wish to take your motion off calendar. As far s the default, that will be entered regarding the divorce and not the custody issues. Ask the clerk at your courthouse about this.


File a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal.