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I want to visit my fiance.may i get visit visa for USA as i have been there on K-1 visa ?which documents do i need?

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Hello, My fiance (US National) had applied for a K1 (Fiance Visa) for me(female) and I was able to come to the US. We fixed a date for the marriage but during that time my father fell deathly ill and i had to rush back to Pakistan. Now our marriage will be held in my home country(Pakistan) after my delivery because now i am pregnant with my fiance, I am 6 months pregnant. But now i want to visit my fiance.may i get visit visa for USA as i have been there on K-1 visa ?which documents do i need?

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Marry in Pakistan and wait for your husband to sponsor you through consular processing. Chances of coming in to see a US citizen fiancee when you are 6 months pregnant - not too great. Also maybe you guys should consider him visiting you. Your fiancee should work with an experienced attorney to have the process go smooth.

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You may request the visitor's visa, but I think you will have a hard time proving the required non-immigrant intent as your fiance lives in the United States and the consular officer may think you are coming to stay. I had a client in a similar situation and she requested the visitor visa and it was granted. But I think that's more the exception than the rule.


I am sorry about your father. But, I must agree with Ms. Vaisman ... you should forget about trying to get a tourist visa ... especially since you are pregnant and it will soon be dangerous to fly.

Get married and file for the greencard.

Don't worry, the child will be a US Citizen and you can get his/her passport at the US Consul the same time as you get your papers.

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The fees to apply for a visitor visa to the US is less than $100. The worst the consular officer can do is deny your application for a visitor visa. A denial should have no adverse effect on the immigrant visa petition your husband will be filing for you once you two are married.

There is always that chance that you will be interviewed by a consular officer who will look beyond the strict language of law and approve your visitor visa application.

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