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I want to use vocal tracks from other artists, and lay them over my own original music. Is this illegal if I don't profit?

Bangor, ME |

My only intention with these songs, or "remixes", is to post them on and see what people think. I don't want to profit financially in any way.

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Didn't I just anwer this question in another form? You'll be guilty of copyright infringement regardless of your profit motive.


Yeah, no, that's not lawful. Whether you infringe a copyright to make money or infringe a copyright just for the fun of it is irrelevant. Infringement is infringement. For which you can be sued.

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Yes, it's still infringement. The exception under 17 USC 107 ("fair use") is for non-profit EDUCATIONAL use, like in a classroom. So you need to get the licenses and for that you really need to see a copyright attorney, specifically a music lawyer.

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