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I want to take legal action against my husband who is possibly spending money on his lover.

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My husband has been involved with another women for at least the last year and a half. Even though he has denied it I have enough information to convince me he was fooling around with her. I don't know if he is still sexually involved with her but he does contact her on a regular basis. My fear now is he is spending money on her. I know for certian he has been taking quite a bit of money from his bank account the last two months. I have his bank statements and receipts. It angers me because we have needs such as a new car, furniture, and clothes that are not being met. I have wanted to leave him but I don't have the finances. What can I do?

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Well it sounds like you need to speak to an attorney for a number of reasons. First, you need to protect your money and make sure that your husband is not spending the funds the two of you have acquired on things that will eventually hurt you. If your husband is spending money on another, without your permission, and certain obligations go unpaid (mortgage, car payments, utilities, etc), you may be harmed (credit, forclosure, etc).
Second, it sounds like you need to start thinking about protecting yourself from future harm. If divorce or dissolution is the only way to un-connect yourself from your husband's financial irresponsibility, then that may be necessary.

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