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I want to sue my Social Security field office for fraud, harassment and undue mental stress.

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There is far too much information to put here, but one example of what has happened is that my case representative fraudulently reviewed my requests for reconsideration--without any notification to me--and denied both requests. According to the Social Security "Red Book" my case representative was not allowed to handle any part of the reconsideration process except to submit the request (Social Security Handbook 2723.1 subsection 2005.3). The White House even got involved, contacted the Office of Public Inquiries and the person I spoke to--head of the dept.--told me directly that he had the request in his hands, my representative had "Denied" the request, and that she broke the law by doing so. I still have not received a copy of those requests and they were from July 2012. More ensues!

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Your feelings are understandable. You may be better served by concentrating on winning your appeal of the denial then trying to get the local office into court. That would be a time consuming enterprise unlikely to bear fruit.

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I appreciate your response, but there is more that has happened and continues to happen. That particular issue was dealt with to a certain extent (including having a regional representative attempt to bribe me), but the harassment and fraud continues. I cannot, and will not, let this issue go. When someone acts illegally, they should be punished for their actions. It is disgusting and appalling that Social Security, or any other agency, seems to have a free ticket to break the law and get away with it. Again, I am not willing to let this go.


I agree with the above attorney here. Sometimes people lose focus of actually winning their case because they are too wrapped up in how they were treated by SSA. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you ultimately receive your benefits, and your time and effort is best served reaching that goal. If you do not have an attorney currently, this website has a great “Find a Lawyer” tool to help you find someone in your area. Best of luck to you, hope you finally receive your benefits.

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