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I want to sue my school in florida. But I have signed a binding arbitration with them and cannot take them to court.

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I can only get a arbitration hearing . How do I start the arbitration proceeding. Also which state can I have the proceedings at.
And another scenario, (if by miracle ).
Is it possible to get a arbitration decision that would allow me to take my case to a court (if awarded by the arbitrator) and pursue it in court. If such things happen, can the defendant argue that the case can not be taken to court after the arbitration decision?

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Most of the questions you ask will be determined by the arbitration agreement. Review the arbitration agreement. It should state the arbitration administrator, the location where the arbitration would be held.

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Not all arbitration agreements are enforceable. You need to consult with an attorney to find out if enforceable, and, if it is, how to begin the process.

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You need to look at the provisions of your agreement. If it is "binding" arbitration, you will not be able to ask the arbitrator to take it to court. Make certain you are well prepared and seek the advice of counsel.

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