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I want to start paying child support for my son. Should I initiate the process with the FL DOR or consult an attorney first.

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I live in Texas, but my son was born in Florida 8 years ago while I was attending college. I was there for his birth and signed his birth certificate. After the first year his mother did not allow me to see him and has never provided me with info on his whereabouts (unknown today). She has not requested child support, but I would like to begin making child support payments. Would it be best to initiate the process with the FL DOR (sign-up for services, complete financial affidavit, complete paternity declaration) myself, or consult an attorney first. I want to begin paying child support regardless of if I see my son or not. However, I want to make sure I go about this process the correct way. (I live in Houston, Texas now; Son was born in Panama City, Florida)

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The DOR (Department of Revenue) is usually only involved in a child support case when the mother of the child is receiving state aid of some sort (Food Stamps, WIC, etc.) You may be able to do the same thing through the Child Support Enforcement office in Panama City.


Assuming that the mother and child still live in Florida, it would be in your best interest to consult with a private attorney regarding your specific situation. It sounds like you will need to file a paternity action. That will allow you to get a parenting plan in place and, thus, address you issues with visitation and child support. Best of luck.

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You should definitely consult with an attorney in the area where your child is living. Then, I would assume that attorney would recommend that you file a Petition for Paternity to establish a parenting plan as well as the child support. It is often easier, in my opinion, to deal with things (modifications etc) in the court system rather than through the DOR. So, best bet is to get it in the right arena from the start.

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