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I want to start my own fantasy football website. What sort of legal advice can you give me so I do this legally.

Mason City, IA |

On this site, I would use team names, player names, and use statistics for each player. I also would like to use ads on my site so I can get some revenue from this site.. I also will NOT use the NFL Logo, Team Logo's and NFL pictures. At one point though, I would like to use pictures of players in uniform but if I'm not mistaken, I can just ask permission/pay the photographer for the picture.
I've been calling the NFL for weeks leaving a message, asking what requirements are needed to start your own fantasy website on their voice mail each time I call, and yes I do leave a call back number just in case you anyone was wondering. And no luck whatsoever. So I was out looking around websites to get clues and I ran across this site in hope for legit legal advice.

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Find a business attorney to help you sort things through. You have intellectual property issues, tax issues, liability issues, possible gambling concerns, not to mention basic entity selection, insurance concerns, etc. It will save you a bundle to meet for an hour with a good solid transactional business attorney, and then have him/her available in the future.

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I would not mess around with the NFL, or their attorneys, period. If you can talk to them, sure, I guess, but think they run their own fantasy site on and probably don't want competition.

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