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I want to start a business as a paid guide on private property in Virginia. How can I & the land owner be fully protected by law

Norfolk, VA |

Clients pay a certain fee to metal detect on private property. Two guides will be there to assist and direct events and make sure landowners rules and regulations are followed. No more than 6-8 paid clients per secession which would be two days (8 hours) of metal detecting. I read that Virginia does not recognize waivers or personal liability forms as a safe measure of protection from law suites? Besides structuring the business as a corporation for some protection, how do I make sure I along with land owner are FULLY covered from accidents, acts of God, snake bites, allergic reactions, heart attack from physical activity, broken bones ,cuts, careless behavior by client, neglecting rules that cause injury, please help...I'm lost with the Virginia rules.

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Insure against the risk AND hire counsel to draft an ironclad hold harmless agreement that you get the opposition to sign. Do this BEFORE anything happens and you'll save a boatload of money.


You get your clients to sign a good hold harmless form, and buy liability insurance.

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