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I want to sign over my rights to my child, put the arrears on a lean till I sell my home later this year?

Hartsville, TN |

I was in my sons life until I got married then the mother changed all the rules. I was behind in Child support and paid $5000 to catch up or to show I was trying, now every chance she gets or the DA get police are harassing me and standing at my door, I talked to my sons grand mother she told me give up my rights. Im sick of the hassel and never get to see him so I want to give up my rights, Im going to the D.A's office Monday morning with some money and tell them exactly what I want to do.

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You don't appear to have asked a question, so I'm not sure how to answer. (Please see this Guide: .) However, in general, you cannot "sign over your rights [and responsibilities, including support]" to your child unless some other adult is prepared to step in and adopt them. You should consult with an attorney in private before you deal with the District Attorney - the DA does not represent you and will not give you advice about your best interests.

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