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I want to report major tax fraud to the IRS and FTB. How much evidence do I send?

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I literally have boxes and boxes of evidence proving that a woman used her quadriplegic husband who worked full time to get illegal benefits from Disability and commit major tax fraud. However, after reporting it 14 times to the Social Security office, and knowing that they aren't doing anything about it, I am going to report all $2 million of tax fraud to the IRS and FTB. What is the best way to go about it? She is guilty of forgery also, however, the DA's office cannot prosecute because it's past the 3 years statute of limitations on all of her crimes. They advised me to report it to the agencies.

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You are not required to submit any evidence when you report tax fraud to the I.R.S. You simply need to complete Form 3949-A. Of course, if you want to submit the evidence, you can.


You can go from hero to zero in no time flat. I'm skeptical of how you obtained the boxes and boxes of evidence. Be careful there. Very careful because I'm certain I won't be the only person with that concern.

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Report the tax fraud as suggested by my colleagues. If the IRS decides to investigate, you will be contacted by Special Agents of the Criminal Investigation Division. Give your documents to the Special Agents on the initial contact.