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I want to modify my a visitation order that I have in place with my ex husband.

Houston, TX |

My daughter just started school and I think its best in her interest for her to be with me Monday-Friday for school reasons. While my ex husband thinks is best to keep it the same which is one week with me and one week with him. He recently move 20 minutes away from the school, which means my daughter has to wake up twice as early just for her to go to school. Which she told me she will wake up in middle of the night just to make it back to her grandmother's house just so she can make to school on time. Also it has come to my attention that my ex husband's new girlfriend has been giving my daughter taste of alcohol beverages. Please contact me either my phone or via email. I can be reach by both contacts. Thank you, Sussie 713-933-9856 Please help me.

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This is the question and answer portion of Avvo. Houston has a lot of family lawyers who offer free consultations. Consider using the find a lawyer feature above and meeting with a Houston family lawyer.

Robert Guest is a Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyer with offices is Forney, Texas and Rockwall, Texas. My use of Avvo is not intended to form an attorney-client relationship. Avvo is a limited forum and should never be used as a replacement for a consultation with a local lawyer. My answers are not legal advice. You really need a consultation with a local attorney.


We are happy to provide you some general information on here, but lawyers won't contact you from your information. In fact, if you can delete that portion of your question, I would encourage you to do so.

Yes, you can attempt to modify the possession schedule. You have a reasonable basis. Most judges do not like the one week in each house deal. They prefer the standard schedule.

You should contact a local family lawyer and discuss this further. You may use the "Find a Lawyer" tab above to help you.

Good luk.


You need to file a modification. The burden would be on you to prove why a modification is needed. Obviously, since your daughter just started school would be a good reason.

There are plenty of excellent family law attorneys in the Houston area. So look on this website & find one. Again, if you can prove that his gf serves your daughter alcohol, that is very bad. However, proving it might be difficult. A small child cannot testify in court.

I hope this information is helpful.

Fran Brochstein has over 20 years legal experience & enjoys educating the public about Texas laws. She is a full-time family law mediator in the Houston area. If you found this answer "helpful" or "best answer", please select the button to show your appreciation. Please understand that this is not a personal consultation and in no way creates an attorney-client relationship. You are strongly encouraged to consult with an attorney in your county in person about your specific legal problem. You can contact her at 713-805-9591 - 7 days a week - her personal cell phone.

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