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I want to make a motion to plead guilty to a speeding ticket if the officer doesn't show. Can I ask for Traffic school still?

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I got a speeding ticket (+13) in 65mph zone. I also got a cell phone ticket. I'm hoping the officer doesn't show but he rescheduled the court date (different than the preprinted ticket issued on the spot). I think he will be there. After the clerk/judge calls the case, I want to make a last minute motion and read this: Your Honor, I ‘d like to make a Motion. For the sake of expediency, I would like to make a motion to plead guilty to both charges. I am eligible for traffic school and would like to take a course to learn more about the hazards of speeding. I was hoping to have my fine reduced as well. I’m sorry for wasting the court and officer xxx’ time today. Thank you

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In a lot of courts you are able to charge your plea on the same day as trial and guarantee traffic school. If the officer shows up and you want to do this, I think the judge would likely let you plead guilty


Yes, you can change your plea prior to trial and most judges provide you the opportunity to attend traffic school contingent upon your eligibility.

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You don't have to use all that motion language. Just say "Your honor, I do not want to proceed with trial, and I'd like to go to traffic school...." Also, the citation usually just has a due date on it, or an arraignment date- are you sure you are set for trial?

Better yet, keep fighting your ticket!


In most traffic courts, you will have the opportunity to change your plea and ask for traffic school. You don't need to state all of the above, you can simply tell the judge that you want to enter a plea of guilty, request a fine reduction, and ask for traffic school.

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