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I want to make a case against a city agency that accused me of false accusations and monitored, recorded, and/or listened in on

New York, NY |

my private conversations on my personal phone lines. My employment was terminated. This happened in NYC 2.5 years ago. They lied to me about my job and role. More underhandedness occurred; I finally won unemployment this past year. I had been employed there for almost three years. I am unable to find FT work since. What legal rights do I have and can pursue to gain justice?

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Unfortunately, the statue of limitations has probably run out. Contact an avvo employment lawyer to find otu if you still have a case.

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I agree with my colleague in that too much time may have passed but would consult an attorney regardless.

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One must file notice within 90 days of intent to claim and then commence the action within one year after that. Unless you had some incapacity or other legal reason tolling the statute (i.e. stopping the clock), you are probably out of luck. Consult an attorney who likes suing New York City.

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Sounds like you may have waited too long, but contact a lawyer in your state above to discuss.

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