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I want to know if I'm being sexually harassed when men try to kiss me and brush against my lady parts? What can I do?

Downers Grove, IL |

Multiple times co-workers have kissed my cheek or neck and recently one of them grabbed my hand and rubbed it on his crotch. I feel bad reporting them because they might be illegal immigrants. Do I have any reason to complain?

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That might well be sexual harassment, but you need to make it clear to everyone that you do not tolerate this type of conduct, and make a complaint to the human resources office.

I definitely recommend you speak to an experienced employment attorney ASAP. Most of us are happy to provide a free consultation.

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First, yes you have reason to complain. These actions are completely out of bounds and should be reported. If your employer fails to take action, you should speak to an attorney. Their immigration status has nothing to do with it.


Will all due respect, this question seems all to blatantly obvious to be a real question. If I'm wrong and this is really taking place, then you absolutely have a claim. You should report it to your immediate supervisor. You should also promptly hire an attorney. I don't know why there should be sympathy if they are illegal immigrants. This type of conduct has no place in the workplace. Do not tolerate it and demand immediate action be taken.

Good luck!

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You have a right to work in a place free of sexual harassment. What you have described is very clearly sexual harassment. Make sure your coworkers know that you will not tolerate this. Report them to management.

Whether or not you feel sympathy for their situation, their actions are reprehensible. They need to know that such actions are not tolerated. If you are not going to turn them in immediately, you need to make sure they know you well if it ever happens again. Stick by that.

Your, what I consider, misplaced sympathy needs to be addressed. I recommend contacting a counseling organization as well.

Finally, you need to learn some of the law. At minimum you should set up a consultation with an experienced employment lawyer.

Good luck!

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