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I want to know if I have full custody of my daughter without going to court to find out?

Altus, OK |

I have now a 9 month old daughter. Her father and I met at work. After having a relationship for 9 months. I got pregnant. He wanted the baby, talked me into having one, told me everything I wanted to hear (Stupid on my part). Found out I was pregnant and once I told him. He left me and come to find out he's married to his other two childrens mother. He lied about his divorce while he was living with me. He didn't come see her in the hospital when she was born, after I brought her home, or the two months I tried to get him to visit her. I stopped trying. I would like to know does this mean I automatically have full custody. She has my last name and he's not on the birth certificate because he removed his name making her last name mine now and him no longer on it.

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In Oklahoma, the mother of a child born out of wedlock has custody of the child until determined otherwise by a court. There is an exception for men who sign an acknowledgment of paternity and are listed as the father on a child's birth certificate. They have all the rights and obligations of fatherhood. You say the father "removed his name." I don't know what that means. It brings up other questions about acknowledgment and denial of paternity. I encourage you to visit with a local attorney to discuss your rights and obligations as a parent.

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Thank you so much. I greatly apperciate it!

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