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I want to know if i have any options on the house i live in if i havent heard from the landlord in a year and 6 months and

Pontiac, MI |
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You could potentially buy it when it comes up for foreclosure sale. You may want to go ask your landlord if you can buy the property, it will salvage a loss for him if he can no longer afford the property. That is if anyone knows who actually owns the property. It can't hurt to ask. If he says "yes" he'll sell you the property I would suggest you speak with an attorney about how to purchase the home before it comes up for auction. Explore your options.

Good luck.

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Legal options, no. But practical options, yes. As my colleague has pointed out. Possibly an opportunity for you.

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I agree with Attorney Ostrowski and keep in mind that you have no more rights than I do to that house right now. What I mean is, just because you live there does not mean you can simply keep it. Do it the right way like Mr. Ostrowski mentioned. If you don't, someone else may buy it at the tax sale and kick you out. Good Luck!

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