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I want to know if I and my daughter can be a witness in his criminal case or if that depend on only on the DA?

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my ex-boyfriend has criminal case for killing my daughter(12 years old) pet (a bird), trying to rape me in from of my son (3 years old) and many other DV actions that affected my children and I. he was on trial different times his case was named in his record "DV2", but after his last court I saw it say "jury 1" the DA didn't explain nothing to mi and I don't know what's going on. maybe someone know the term and can answer ....thank

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It seems your case may have reached a jury assignment part. Attempted rape is a felony, so I imagine you must have testified in the grand jury. You will presumably be needed at the trial. If the prosecutor has not prepped you yet, it may be for a number of reasons. If you are concerned, contact the prosecutor directly and ask for a status and if and when you will be needed as a witness.

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Contact the DA's Victim Services (718) 250-3820
They can help with:
√ crisis counseling
√ safety planning
√ court escort
√ advocacy with other agencies
√ physical and mental health referrals
√ assistance to eligible applicants in filing for financial and medical bill reimbursement through the New York State Crime Victims Board

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The best resource for you at this point is the prosecutor's office. Reach out to either the person incharged of the prosecution or the victim's advocate to have your questions answered.

Best of luck to you and your daughter.

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