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I want to know if a probation officer. can tell a probationer that he has to live on the streets

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i have a friend that is on probation. and he is is homeless at the moment because the hotel he was living at told him he had to check out.his probation officer told him to register a homeless. i told him he can stay at my house till he find a place. i dont have any kids or any thing like that. but he told me that his probation told him that he had to sleep on the streets. what can he do can she really do that.

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Something doesn't sound right. There must have been a reason your friend was asked to leave the hotel.

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Any change of residence while on probation should ideally be approved in advance by either the probation officer or the court. Sometimes, special restrictions apply, such as not living with minor children or within a certain distance of a school. If the probation officer is unreasonably withholding permission, your friend should file a motion with the court seeking the court's approval of the proposed residence.


It is unlikely that your friend is correctly understanding or reporting to you the instructions of his p.o. In any event, p.o.'s are not laws unto themselves. Your friend can contact the manager of the local Probation Office and ask for intercession with his assigned p.o. It is highly likely that some clarification and resolution will be forthcoming.

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