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I want to know how to pursue a suit against a doctor for sexual assault against my wife and for many other women.

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I went in to my wifes doctor for a six month review to refill her prescriptions she has injuries that keep her in pain. We ask the doctor if he would change her pain medication to something more effective. He said he would not and began checking her heart and lungs. He said he needed to do a breast exam my wife said no she had a mamogram and exam within the last six months. He then pushed her down on the exam bed and grabbed her breast and i stood up leaned around him to see what he was doing when i noticed him fondeling her breast. I then punched him in the chest. He refused to refill any meds. I have found out that many women have been subjected to this treatment unnessicary perverted acts for quite some time. He must be stopped from violating women and getting away with .

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Call the police and/or district attorney. That is were this type of investigation needs to start. You can also contact the state medical licensing board and file a complaint. For recovery of damages, contact a civil litigation firm in your area. It is horrible there are professionals that act in this manner. Best of luck

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Call the police, and report this to the medical board.

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I agree with the previous lawyers' answers


You, as the husband, do not have a direct case. Your wife does however have a case and you may have a case based on her case. I echo the other comments - you need to call the Attorney General's office about this guy. They will file a criminal case if appropriate but you need a civil attorney to represent you and your wife. The civil case might be (1) medical malpractice - lack of consent and/or (2) assault and battery and/or (3) purposeful intent causing emotional distress.

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