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I want to know about my house property in a divorce.

Northport, NY |

My husband and I are in the process of a divorce and I want to know if there is a law that states that the mother can keep the house. I am currently unemployed while my husband is employed. Do I keep the house until my youngest child turns 18?

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No, there is no such law. However, it often works out that way. You should discuss your situation in detail with a local attorney.

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There is no law that directs the mother shall have possession of the house until the youngest child is 18. However, depending upon many other factors, some cases arrive at such a conclusion.
Much will depend upon the total financial circumstances of the parties.

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There is no law saying that. It is fact dependent. If the parties can't reach an agreement, the Judge will decide.

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I agree there is no specific law regarding this issue, but there are two competing legal issues. First you and your husband are each entitled to the equity in the property. Also the person who is not keeping the home has a right to be relieved of it's debt. This contrasts with the best interest of the children doctrine. The judge will use his/her discretion as to the settling of these issues. You really need to discus this complicated matter with a local attorney.


The answer is not as simple as you might wish it to be. Many factors impact on the award of exclusive use and occupancy of the marita home to a custodial parent. The age of the children now, the amount of equity in the house, your ability to carry the house with the support package ultimately awarded all are factors which must be considered. New York law does not mandate that you keep the house but the court will allow you do do so under appropriate circumstances. The issues are sufficiently complex that you should consult with counsel for the answer you require.

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