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I want to get a double proxy marriage in Montana and been told I dont have to wait 6 month to remarrie ( been divorced in CA )

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I have been married and got recently divorced September 26 2013 in CA.
My attorney told me I have to wait six month after my now ex wife got served before I can remarrie again. My question now is: I am currently stationed in Germany would like to get a double Proxy marriage in Montana. Sam from "Marriage by Proxy " told me since I would get married in Montana I dont have to wait until 26 January to remarrie. Because the state of Montana doesnt requiere the six month, you can remarrie if you wish the next day after you got divorced...
Is this correct, can I remarrie before 26 January 2014???

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No. Your new marriage will not be valid until your old one is officially over. All states have full faith and credit with each other which means they will cooperate with each other in matters such as this and recognize each others laws. Any marriage before 1/26/14 would not be valid in any state.

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Until the status ends in CA (you need to have a judgment and not merely wait) you are not free to remarry by proxy or otherwise.

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You filed for divorce in California. Therefore the laws of the state of California control. Until you are legally divorced under Califonria law, you are not legally entitled to remarry anywhere.

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