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I want to find out if someone is here illegally. She is a threat and condones misconduct & illegal practices.

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She was given a 90 day deportation letter a couple of years ago so she moved and changed or closed everything in her name. Her drivers license expired and could not renew because of her status, yet she drives crazy in our development and there are many children who we worry about. She works but has no work permit or social security card, so she pays no taxes. She makes a big deal about being here illegally and nothing happens to her and encourages this behavior in public.

She spends her time saying how incompetent immigration is and our laws are garbage because inspite of her deportation order, her not being able to renew her drivers license or car insurance, not having a work permit or social security card for work purposes, she still does everything the rest of us do without having to spend money or time on doing things legally.

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If you really want the person deported call 1-866-DHS-2ICE.

Be careful what you ask for .. you may get it.

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You can call the police for the things she is doing in your development. We are usually trying to make illegals legal on this forum!


O agree with my colleague.

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