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I want to find out if my boyfriends juvenile case is sealed in new york and if he is really telling me the truth?

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okay so my boyfriend states he had felonies that he caught in new york but now resides in michigan and i want to actually find out for myself if they are still on his record or what. he just turned 21 2 days ago but i want to find out if it is sealed because he kinda tells me about them at times and then wants to change the subjects he stated that they only happened due to bad situation that happened to him he states some one was touching him inappropriate when he was younger at the time it happened and crap like that but i don't really believe it so i want to actually find out for myself is that possible?

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I cannot speak to New York law but generally speaking, juvenile records are sealed from public inspection. That being said, you may want to direct your question to a New York lawyer (by changing from Auburn Hills, MI as your location to somewhere in New York) so you may get responses from New York lawyers.

If there was inappropriate touching and he was convicted of a felony, it sound like a sex crime and he may be required to register as a sex offender. You may want to look online.

All that being said, the father in me says that you already know enough to make him an EX-boyfriend. Go with your gut. Cut loose now - you already do not trust him so just let go.

I wish you the best!

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he never touched anybody somebody did it to him he states

Edward Jacob Sternisha

Edward Jacob Sternisha


People are not convicted of a sex crime because someone touched them unless they are an adult and are making or allowing a minor to touch them inappropriately. People are convicted when they touch someone they are not supposed to touch. I do not believe he is being honest with you.


My guess is that you would have to search in New York. Here in Michigan we have iCHAT that allows you to look up someone record for $10. Juvenile stuff often will not show. NY may have a different system. You could always ask him what court it happened at and call that court or request the info under FOIA. If nothing comes up then it either wasn't at that court or it was sealed.


It is suprisingly inexpensive to hire a private investigator to do a background check. They are very thorough, have some expensive database services most of us do not want to pay to subscribe to, and can give you a confidential report. You can protect yourself with complete privacy as to the inquiry. Google "private investigator" in Auburn Hills. Shop around for an affordable rate. I suggest a general background check - who knows what lurks.

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