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I want to file for divorce, can my husband hold me back from leaving the county i live in now? their is 1 child in the marriage

San Antonio, TX |

I want a divorce but my husband says that he will make my live a living hell and that he will not allow for me to take my child out of the county and i am not to always answer his calls. He calls alot and wants me to be there when he wants to drop or pick him up. He wants to be incontrol of this divorce and making my life a living hell. What can i do help.

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I'm sorry to hear that your marriage isn't working out, but if you believe divorce is the right thing for you, I urge you to contact a family lawyer to get the best information you can about what you may expect to happen. It is in your husband's interest to convince you that you have no other option but to do things his way, but you are entitled to have independent advice from a lawyer of your own choosing, and that's exactly what you should do before making any decisions. Your specific question about moving out of the county where you presently live is something best discussed with an attorney in your area, but the general rule is that a court can restrict your child's residence to certain counties or a certain geographical distance. A family lawyer could advise you of what you can do. Good luck to you.

Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis


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