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I want to divorce my husband. He is an illegal immigrant from mexico. How can i file for a divorce if he resides in Mexico?

Meridian, MS |

He was deported last year. He has made no effort to help pay for anything. He has been gone for almost a year. As of July 22nd it will be a year. Currently he is in a holding facility in Texas for trying to cross the border again illegally. Is it possible to get a divorce?

we got married in mississippi. how can i file for a divorce if he is in a different country?

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Did you get married in the U.S. or Mexico? If you got married in Mexico, you need to file for the divorce there or convince your husband to file there. If you got married in the U.S., you can file for the divorce in the state you currently live in.

Good luck to you.

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You need to find an experienced family law attorney in Meridian. However, you should be able to file for divorce in Lauderdale County, even if you were married in Mexico. The only requirement is you be a resident of Mississippi for six months before filing. Discuss this with your attorney, but at first blush, you may be able to get a divorce on the grounds of desertion. Another ground for divorce is if he is or becomes a convicted felon anytime during the marriage. Good Luck.