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I want to divorce my husband. He says I can't take the kids if I leave. Is there a way I can stay in the house with the kids?

Amarillo, TX |

My husband has a good-paying job. I have very little income from a contract labor job. He is emotionally abusive. He won't let me work unless it is within certain hours. We have a home mortgage, 2 vehicle payments, plus the usual household expenses.

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You need to find a good local family law attorney and file for divorce. This is not something you can do on your own. Temporary Orders can deal with who gets to stay in the house and who pays for what while the divorce is ongoing. It can also establish child support and possible some temporary spousal support.

You should also consider talking to the local women's shelter. They can provide you will emotional support and assistance.


Ms. Bushman is correct. Hire a lawyer who works regularly in family law. (You may be able to get your attorney fees back.) Ask to have the house - it may well be given to you to keep at least temporarily while you get a job & start saving (especially since he won't let you work. Make certain you have witnesses to this fact other than just you.)

It is more likely that you will get custody, particularly if he is emotionally abusive. I fully agree you should seek counseling to help you get better, and to help you be ready to take on the children and all of life's responsibilities on your own.

Life is too short to be unhappy and caged and if he is dictating your work hours, it doesn't seem like it can be a good situation.